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The Complete Ejari Guide

Your move to Dubai comes with a lot of complexities, in terms of visa, accommodation, schooling and more. One of the most important amongst these will be finding the right apartments or villas in Dubai for rent. The whole process can be overwhelming especially since expats are not accustomed to

5 Reasons to Invest in Off-Plan Properties in Dubai

With a growing economy, sound political infrastructure, and lucrative returns on property investment, Dubai is a haven for those looking to put down their hard-earned money in the real estate sector. Off-plan properties, in particular, enjoy an immense popularity in the region amongst property buyers. Thanks to freehold properties opening

Department assigned to handle real estate compliance in Dubai

A division within the Department of Economic Development will oversee whether real estate facilities in Dubai are in compliance with existing laws. The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) will conduct field inspections of all such properties licensed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. This follows a new agreement signed

Dubai did Dh287b worth of real estate valuations in 2017

The Dubai Land Department conducted 8,173 real estate valuations worth over Dh287 billion — the highest ever recorded — in 2017. The details were issued by Taqyeem (Dubai’s Real Estate Appraisal Centre), with the valuations done for a variety of reasons such as investor visas, gifted transfer, auction sales, zakat

Protect right to property of all people — Arab Land Conference delegates

The participants of the First Arab Land Conference, representing governments, the private sector, civil society, academic professionals, international and regional organisations, and other relevant stakeholders, have called on Arab states to ensure the full protection of property rights for all segments of the population in the region. This was among