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5 spectacular yacht cruises in Dubai Marina

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Dubai is a city that is known for offering some of the most unique experiences no matter what your tastes are. One of the most exciting experiences for aquaphiles in the city are the spectacular yacht cruises in Dubai Marina. The lifestyle of Dubai Marina is centred around living beside yachts, so of course,

Best Hikes in the UAE – Top 5 Spots For Amateur Hikers

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What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of the UAE? You are probably picturing beaches, waterparks, tall buildings, incredible nightlife and so on. While all these wonderful things are signatures of life in the UAE, what is often overlooked is the amazing hiking spots in

8 Restaurants and cafes for the best breakfast in Dubai Marina!

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There’s nothing better than starting your day right with a hearty and delicious breakfast. A perfectly cooked egg, fluffy pancakes and crispy toast – we’re already hungry! And if you’re a resident or frequent visitor to Dubai Marina, you’ll know that the area has restaurants and cafes galore. While the

10 Ways Dubai Has Changed: Then and Now

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Evolution is inevitable. Look back ten years or even fifteen years from now, we have seen ourselves lay the foundation of evolution in all aspects whether technological, architectural, environmental, biological etc. One cannot expect to stand on top of the hierarchy by working the same hours or on the same

10 Events and activities in Dubai for February 2019!

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2019 in Dubai started with a bang, and the last month has seen a host of spectacular events including the all-time favourite Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and Dubai World Cup Carnival. And if you’re feeling blue that DSF is winding down, cheer up, because the city has so much planned