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Summer Property Maintenance Guide

 By Veronika Goncharova   Tue  19-07-2022

Summer Property Maintenance Guide 

Summer heat in Dubai is extreme, with July to August experiencing temperatures of 43 °C and above. This can be especially troubling for homeowners as property maintenance errors can lead to expensive repairs. Our in-house property management team has put forward some tips and tricks to properly care for your home during these months. 

Air conditioning inspection 

As a rule of thumb, every five months you should get your AC unit inspected, ducts cleaned out, and possibly serviced. Summer is a great time to do this as the units will be running for extended periods of time and will be more prone to breakage. 

Keep the AC running 

Due to the high humidity, mold is a serious concern. Make sure to maintain the room temperature at 24 °C. Although this can be pricey, mold issues are both a health concern and would require days of maintenance to fix. To save on cooling costs, place the setting on ‘auto’ as opposed to ‘on’. 

Take pest control seriously 

It is known that insect activity increases in the hotter months. Ants, cockroaches, and flies are the main concerns for the region. To avoid complications, maintain high levels of hygiene by disposing of trash in a timely manner and avoiding leaving open packets of food in the cupboards. If you spot a minor problem, supermarket sprays may be enough if not call pest control.

Take extra precautions when traveling 

When leaving your home for an extended period of time, the aforementioned tips need to be followed more stringently. Schedule AC service two weeks before your trip, and check that the AC controller is working, be wary of pests. Not all issues are preventable and if you’d like help, consider hiring a property maintenance team. Seven Century property management will ensure fresh off a holiday you aren’t met with trouble

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