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Dubai is the 4th Most Hashtagged City in the World

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The glittering city of Dubai has been named as the fourth most hashtagged city in the world on Instagram for 2016.

According to recent findings by marketing firm, Hashtag the World, a whooping 47 million posts included #Dubai on the photo-sharing platform in 2016. The comprehensive report was based on a study that ranked the world’s 30 most hashtagged cities in the last year. It gave a detailed insight into the relationship between the travel industry and the consistent growth of Instagram.

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The latest figures show that Instagram has more than 600 million active users, who have shared an astounding 40 billion photos and images since its launch. A recent survey also revealed that 97 per cent of millennials upload and share images of their worldwide travels and explorations of their own cities, favouring Instagram as their go-to platform.

New York City led the charts in first place, generating over 68 million posts, with London, Paris and Istanbul rounding up the top five. The emirates’ ranking was an increase in activity with a 76 per cent hike up the popularity ladder from 2015.

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Businesses in the real estate sector can also leverage a substantial amount of upturn in buyer activity if they begin to take note of how much imagery lures interest. In a city like Dubai, already locking in travelers through photographic marketing, the property market can start to reach a higher volume of sales and rents by broadening their advertising tools too. Airbnb, the online short-term home rental company with over 3 million lodging listings around the world, didn’t see capital growth until its founders decided to knock on every door listed on their site and take better photographs themselves.

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The power of visual storytelling is already helping business growth in Dubai, with close to 50 per cent of brands signing up for an account on Instagram and contributing to the global 95 million posts a day.

Source: Property Finder

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