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Eco-friendly areas in Dubai: Save your environment, Save your planet!

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Looking for eco-friendly areas in Dubai? Dubai has many environmentally-friendly places that offer rich biodiversity and sustainability, promoting an environmentally positive economy. During the last few years, Dubai has taken many measures to contribute to the quality of the environment. It has built green buildings, increased the use of renewable energy, planted trees and cut carbon emissions. Take a look at some of the major sustainable developments that Dubai made to reduce the carbon footprint. Glimpse through some of its areas that are reflective of these commendable efforts.


In 2011, Dubai Municipality issued the Green Building Regulations and Specifications that stated the mandatory requirements for the construction of new buildings. In 2016, the regulation was re-issued as AL SA’FAT – Dubai Green Building Evaluation System, and the requirement was the same, i.e. to improve the infrastructure of buildings in the city by reducing water, energy and materials so that residents can enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. As an outcome of the re-issuance, the city took the following initiatives:

  • Materials are being obtained from renewable sources based on their durability and ability to be recycled
  • Low-energy appliances and other effective energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines are being used
  • Rainwater catchment systems are used to recycle water for irrigation
  • There is an increase in the usage of non-toxic materials as they are emission-free and improve indoor air quality
  • Rainwater is being stored for future purposes


If there is one solution to global warming, that is to implement sustainable strategies. These eco-friendly areas in Dubai do exactly that.


A world-class golf destination, Jumeirah Golf Estates offers sustainable practices that drive sports tourism in Dubai. Whether it is in the form of green landscaping or the creation of golf clubs, it leaves no stone unturned in implementing eco-friendly strategies. Recently, it has signed a treaty with International football star, Mr Ebbe Sand to ensure the establishment of Green Sports Hub, a one-of-a-kind sports hub that will have a swimming pool, training centres, climate lab, research centre, zip line and F&B outlets. The hub will be solar powered and will have effective water preservation, waste management and re-usable systems. In addition to that, it will also have a skateboard park, which will collect rainwater and direct it to greener areas. So, if you are a sports lover, Jumeirah Golf Estates is the place to be. The rents of apartments in Jumeirah Golf Estate are quite reasonable too, with the average rental price being AED 95k per annum.

Jumeirah Golf Estate is one of the most environmentally friendly areas in Dubai


Located close to the rental villas in Nad Al Sheba, Al Barari is made up of green spaces that feature a variety of villas, lakes, freshwater streams and cascades. Powered by solar panels, the villas are organised in leaf-shaped clusters to reduce the chances of any damage to water and land. Each residence has a separate energy-efficient home system that helps recycle organic waste. The plants surrounding these residences keep the area cooler, which means that less water is used.

Al Barari also has an eco-friendly health club, a privately-owned nursery, a six-star hotel, and six themed gardens that have more than 700 plants. In addition to that, it has an award-winning restaurant, called The Farm, where you can enjoy great food in a tranquil environment. And if you are looking for a wellness destination where you can de-stress yourself, Al Barari has a relaxing Heart & Soul Spa. Ideally located for nature lovers, the average sale price of apartments in Al Barari is AED 2.3M and cost of villas is AED 9.9M. However, the average rental price of flats in the sustainable community of Al Barari is AED 70k, and rent of villas is AED 490k per annum.

Al Barari is one of the top eco-friendly areas in Al Barari


Dubai Silicon Oasis is one of the best eco-friendly areas in Dubai which has taken key steps to ensure a sustainable environment. For instance, it has converted regular lamps to LED, which has reduced power usage by 23% and has installed smart street lights which have increased visibility by 25%. As if that was not enough, the DSO community has also installed a sewage water plant which has reduced operational costs by 70%.

In addition to that, this green community has implemented the smart weather pole to measure humidity and temperature of the area and supply water based on that. This has reduced 55% of water used for irrigation. And that’s not all: the construction of green rooftops and top-notch smart waste management systems is also a feather in the area’s cap. If you are an environmental enthusiast or a nature lover, you can think of renting an apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis as this is the place where you can live in harmony with nature. The rents are quite affordable too. For instance, the average rental price of these apartments is AED 48k per annum.


A net zero energy zone, Sustainable City, with more than 2,000 trees, is aligned with Dubai’s goal to become smart and sustainable. Focusing on three aspects of sustainability, environmental, economic and social, this secluded paradise is a landmark project for environmentally friendly communities in Dubai. Located in Dubailand, it consists of 500 villas which feature 90 courtyards, two signature sub-communities, and eight garden-themed villas. These villas have solar panels, green spaces and energy-efficient appliances that ensure an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainable City also has 11 biodome houses that have a 3,000 sq. m. space for urban farming. So if you are fond of growing fruits and vegetables, Sustainable City gives you a chance to do that!

Famous for its car-free zones, it can be an ideal place for people who want to enjoy living in one of the nature-friendly areas in Dubai. If you want to live there, take a look at villas for sale in Sustainable City. The average price of the villas is AED 3.2M.

Sustainable City is one of the top-notch green areas in Dubai

Aiming to resolve key challenges that the world is facing today, such as climate change and global warming, these eco-friendly areas in Dubai are preserving energy resources to make an environmentally-friendly future. Aligning themselves with Dubai 2021, most of these communities are running on solar panels. Besides the communities which are mentioned above, there are areas such as Desert Rose City and Dubai South City that are reducing electricity consumption and employing recycling techniques to save materials.



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