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How to design a gender-neutral baby room

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Many expecting parents want to design gender neutral baby rooms for the little humans they are about to meet finally. Preparing the perfect nursery is one of the best things to keep parents-to-be engaged till the little one arrives.

If you’ve been searching for unisex baby room ideas, gender neutral baby room themes and colours, MyBayut is here with a fun step-by-step guide on how to design gender neutral baby rooms.


Do you want to design a baby room that is not blue or pink? You are not alone. More and more parents want to have a gender-neutral bedroom these days. Similarly, they buy gender neutral clothes in grey and other shades. When you opt for a neutral colour, you can mix and match items and the variety is huge.

Today, we take this planning process one step ahead and present to you a guide on how to build gender neutral baby rooms. This will help you build a playful nursery for your little child.

Add a chalk board wall to your gender neutral nursery with colourful add-ons to dial up the fun factor


Begin the design process by selecting an overall theme for your gender neutral nursery. This would define the tone for the stuff that you can add to the room, including furniture. We would recommend a rustic wood-based theme that would give you the feeling of being in a warm cabin in the woods.

Alternatively, you can also pick a soft white theme that would reflect colours nicely and would serve as a good backdrop for colourful furniture or décor items you might want to add later.

Pick a white theme for your gender neutral baby room

People who search for gender neutral nursery themes go for a number of designs such as adventure-based, boho or even vintage. It’s all about being creative with the space that you have.

We recommend that you choose a theme keeping the minimalistic approach in mind. The reason for this is that as a design element, clutter works the other way around and increases stress instead of eliminating it, which is the last thing a mother to be needs. Alternatively, you can also consider building a superhero-themed room for your kid.


The notion that chic styles are for girls is outdated. You can add just as much elegance and attractiveness to a gender neutral baby room. After you pick an overall theme for your nursery, you would automatically have two or three gender neutral baby room colours in mind that you could use to paint the walls. We would recommend you to keep a focus wall and paint just one wall instead of all four in the room. When you select the wall to spruce up, consider factors such as the direction from which light would fall on the wall and whether the wall is the first thing you would glance at when you enter the nursery or not. Ideally, the selected wall must be the creative focal point of the room.

Choose an aqua green colour when you decide to design a gender neutral baby room

Once you choose the wall, you can start painting it. Some people prefer wallpapers and others prefer wall paints. Either way, we would suggest an aqua green wall, as that’s a rather gender neutral colour which still provides the needed brightness in the room. For cute gender neutral baby rooms, you can also consider a yellow accent wall.


This one practically goes without saying: you need to be wise in your choice of furniture for your baby room. Not only should it be age appropriate for your kid, but it also must be aligned with your chosen theme out of all the gender neutral baby rooms you have considered. A couple of standard furniture pieces that go into a nursery include:

  • Changing table: This is a very practical furniture item in any nursery. Mothers need to lay their child down on a flat surface when changing their diapers. A sofa or a crib is not flat enough to do the deed, which is why this item is a must-have. Get a changing table that comes with tiny drawers to keep diapers and tissues at arm’s length.
  • Baby crib: This is the main furniture piece in every standard nursery. The crib not only serves as a bed for the baby but also doubles as a protective furniture item that prevents your child from falling over and hurting themselves as they start tossing and turning.
  • Storage: Babies need a lot of things, including a variety of stuffed toys. To keep those teddy bears and other nitty-gritty items tossed away and the nursery neat and clean, it’s essential to have some storage. If you buy a storage unit with sufficient space, you can make it double as a baby closet at the same time. For gender neutral baby decorating room ideas, you can get an artistic storage piece that would serve both functionally as well as a decor piece.
  • Seating: All nurseries have a chair or sofa seat for the mothers. They need to sit down with the kid to read a story or feed them or sing them to sleep. Having a rocking chair also helps you put your baby to sleep while having a sofa chair and a footrest makes baby feeding somewhat comfortable for the tired mothers.
  • Rugs: This choice largely depends on the age of your kid. You can keep a rug till the time the baby doesn’t crawl. Once they start crawling, they would pick off double the number of germs from the rug than they would from just the floor, making it a bad idea. But if you have a younger baby, for the time being, you can add a colourful rug to match the overall theme of your baby room. This is one of the many unisex baby room decorating ideas you could consider.
You can buy complimentary furniture that goes with your chosen baby room decor ideas unisex theme


Last but not least: add gender neutral baby room decor to your nursery! You should spruce up your baby room as you would do any other place in the house. Think of it as a room that would encourage you to spend time in it. You can choose gender neutral baby room ideas, right from murals to wall stickers and decals. Many people like to add their baby’s name to the wall in large alphabets as part of unisex baby room decor. You can check out these cute kids’ room trends for your child’s nursery. Whatever you choose, just make sure it does not interfere with the comfort level of the room.




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