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Price trends for renting in Mirdif

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Mirdif is an area like no other in Dubai. Most neighbourhoods in Dubai have undergone changes over the course of the years to cater to the residential demands of the time. Similarly, Mirdif has slowly made its place as one of the most favoured communities in the emirate with both local residents and expats. According to Bayut’s Annual Market Report for 2019, it has emerged as the most popular area to rent villas in Dubai. Some look for townhouses or flats for rent in Mirdif as it is considered one of the best places to live in Dubai for families.


In the past few years, the level of interest in Mirdif properties has risen significantly. You would find a lot of green spaces, play areas for kids and paved walkways.

Mirdif is located close to Dubai Airport. It consists of four sub-communities; Ghoroob, Shurooq, Uptown Mirdif and Mirdif Tulip. This area is home to one of Dubai’s best parks, Mushrif Park and offers good amenities and facilities. You will find both Emirati and expat families residing in this neighbourhood. There are excellent schools in the area. Mirdif City Centre offers you diverse shopping options and restaurants. Compared to other areas in Dubai, rents in Mirdif are also fairly reasonable. What more can one ask for?


As mentioned earlier, many people prefer renting villas in Mirdif. Besides the relatively lower rents, the incredible architecture of these villas is also a major attraction. Here’s a list featuring the top areas for renting villas in Mirdif, so if you are looking to move to this locality, read on.


Uptown Mirdif

Uptown Mirdif is by far the most popular area for renting villas in Mirdif. Generally, people love the old school English style architecture of the houses in Uptown Mirdif.


Outdoor view of one of the for rent villas in Mirdif


You can find 2,3,4,5 and 6-bedroom villas for rent in Uptown Mirdif. The average rent for a 2-bedroom villa in Uptown Mirdif would be around AED 66k. The cost goes up to AED 75k for a 3-bedroom villa in Uptown Mirdif. If you are looking for a larger 4-bedroom villa for rent in Uptown Mirdif, expect to pay around AED 90k. Similarly, renting a 5 and 6-bedroom villa in Uptown Mirdif community would cost AED 130k and AED 134k, respectively.

Shorooq Mirdif

Located close to the Dubai International Airport, Shorooq Mirdif is a luxurious sub-community in Mirdif. Its peaceful environment, all thanks to landscaped gardens, parks and leisure spots, makes it very attractive for families. Villas for rent in Shorooq Mirdif go off the market fairly quickly and are always in demand.

Compared to Uptown Mirdif, prices here are slightly higher. The average rent of a 2-bedroom villa in Shorooq Mirdif is AED 87k. Those renting a 3-bedroom villa in Shorooq Mirdif will have to pay an average price of AED 142k. Whereas, 4-bedroom villa in Shorooq Mirdif neighbourhood would cost around AED 157k, on average.

Mirdif Tulip

Mirdif Tulip is the third most popular area for renting villas in Mirdif. It offers great value for money. In fact, villas in Mirdif Tulip are some of the cheapest houses you will find in this vicinity. For example, the average rent for a 3-bedroom villa in Mirdif Tulip is AED 99k.


Villas for rent in Mirdif are extremely popular. However, you can also find beautiful apartments with top-class facilities in the area. You could opt for either depending on your lifestyle and budget preferences. Here are the top three areas to rent apartments in Mirdif.



Ghoroob Mirdif

Ghoroob Mirdif is the most popular area to rent apartments in Mirdif. You will find 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments at affordable prices. Most people move to rental apartments in Ghoroob Mirdif because it offers integrated community living at an affordable rate.


View of flats for rent in mirdif


Renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Ghoroob Mirdif would cost around AED 54k annually, on average. Whereas, a 2-bedroom apartment for rent would cost you AED 68k, on average. The rent can go up to AED 94k for a 3-bedroom apartment in Ghoroob Mirdif.

Shorooq Mirdif

Like villas, apartments for rent in Shorooq Mirdif are generally luxurious and offer excellent amenities. Expect to pay approximately AED 59k for a 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Shorooq Mirdif. Similarly, a 2-bedroom apartment in Shorooq Mirdif would have an average annual rent of around AED 80k.

Uptown Mirdif

Villas and apartments for rent in Mirdif are equally popular. People prefer living in Uptown Mirdif as it is a beautiful and safe neighbourhood. At the same time, apartment rents in Uptown Mirdif are reasonable. The average rent of a 1-bed apartment in Uptown Mirdif is around AED 62k. On the other hand, a slightly larger, 2-bedroom apartment in this area will cost AED 80k.


Townhouses for rent in Mirdif are limited compared to apartments and villas. Despite the limited inventory, the available units come with the latest amenities and facilities.

Shorooq Mirdif is the most popular area to rent townhouses in Mirdif. The average rent for a 2-bedroom townhouse in Shorooq Mirdif is AED 87K.


A townhouse in Mirdif


This wraps up our review of rent trends in Mirdif. For anyone planning to move to Dubai, Mirdif is definitely one of the areas to consider. You can take a look at the pros and cons of living at Mirdif, to know more about living in this community.

It is also a good idea to consider a few other options before making a final call, especially, when you are likely to commit to a yearlong contract.


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