About Project

This unique tower will be built with proven quality using products by certified manufacturers. This remarkable premium domicile has been made for a special way of life combining architectural curiosity, luxury, sports and spa. There are 154 apartments of different sizes, all supplied with high-quality, luxury features. There are 154 apartments of different sizes from 500 sqft to 1,500 sqft , all supplied with high-quality and luxury features. The floor plans of all the apartments are very well thought of and reflective the exquisite architecture. The building has been designed to ensure maximum breath taking views from all the apartments. The two bedroom flats provide the residents with the extreme luxury of a golf course and the skyline view from three places in the apartment. On the top level, there is a sports and spa area including a sauna, pools and a gym . The entrance hall is just as luxurious as the flats and the top floor has is a ‘sports and spa zone’ with two pools and a gym. The infrastructure of the building is equipped with high speed internet and telephone . There are motion detectors, and a 24-hour security system along with a basement parking facility.

Property Features

World Class Amenities have been made available within the community of Dubai Sports City and there exists world-class sporting Facilities for every sport possible. UniEsate Sports Tower comes with a range of Facilities and Amenities.

  • Sports and spa zone on the top floor
  • 2 Swimming pools and gym
  • High-speed Internet
  • Motion detector
  • 24-hour security system
  • Basement parking