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What to buy for your home when living alone for the first time

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Living alone for the first time isn’t the easiest choice. There are tons of things to consider, including the things to buy for a new house. That is of course, after you’ve found one. There is a long list of things that go into a house before it becomes a home – cosy and comfortable.

If you are moving into your first home, you must have found yourself wondering, “what are the things I need to buy for a new house?” This post will take care of the dilemma, because we have compiled the ultimate “things to buy for a new house” checklist for you.


Most people prefer renting apartments in Dubai when living alone for the first time. Apartments are convenient and way easier to live in than the much bigger villas and townhouses. Plus they take a lot less effort to decorate and maintain. Let’s look at all the things you need to buy for your first apartment in Dubai.


“Basic” is the point of focus here. Make your new house functional and then focus on the luxury!

First things first – you need a bed. But a good bed can be expensive and you don’t want to scrimp on this purchase, as nothing beats a good night’s sleep. So, if you can’t immediately afford a bed, invest in a quality mattress for the time being. Over time you’ll realise that it’s not the bed but a good mattress that makes it into the list of essential things to buy for a new house.

While there are other things you need to buy for a new house, always make sure you set up the bedroom first. This is the place that you retreat to after a long days work, so make it comfortable and functional.

  • Bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, and a duvet – 2 sets of each should be enough to get you started.
  • Lamps. It’s important to have enough lighting in the room. A couple or more lamps around the room can save it from looking dull and drab.
  • Closet organisers. These include hangers, hooks, drawer partitions, boxes, and even shoe racks. See what works best for you. This will help keep your room cleaner and easier to manage.
  • Storage boxes. Instead of splurging on a chest of drawers, utilise the space under your bed to store extra blankets, towels, sheets and other things in quick-access boxes.
  • A full-size mirror. You will need one to get ready before heading out for work, university or just a casual hang out with friends.

Thankfully, even the most affordable rental apartments in Dubai usually come with built-in closets. You can save up on that. For other pieces of furniture, like the dresser or the side tables – it is best to look for cheaper alternatives like upcycled or second-hand furniture. You can always get these things later when you don’t have too many expenses looming on your head.


You can go without a lot of things when living alone for the first time – just make sure your bathroom is stocked

Next on the “things to buy for a new house” list is the bathroom. Living alone for the first time definitely has its perks. Imagine not having to share your bathroom with anyone, unless you have a roommate or co-tenant. Among the list of things to buy for a new house, the following need to be purchased for the bathroom:

  • Towels – 2 sets should be enough for a start.
  • A shower curtain. A number of new rental apartments in Dubai come with luxury bathtubs and all you need is a shower curtain to limit the water from splashing around.
  • Basic toiletries. Your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap bar, shampoo, deodorant and other items of personal hygiene.
  • A toothbrush holder and water cup. Save money on them and use mason jars instead.
  • A bathroom rug – if required.
  • A toilet scrubber and plunger. You’ve got to take care of cleaning your bathroom now.
  • Toilet rolls

Bathrooms whether big or small can get cluttered quickly, which is why it is important to pay attention to storage. A few useful bathroom storage tips can make yours appear clutter-free and manageable.


Going to buy furniture for a new house? For starters, all your living area needs is a good sofa and a sturdy coffee table

Furniture is usually not a problem for people renting furnished apartments in Dubai. However, those of you living alone for the first time in one of the unfurnished options should add the following to their list of things to buy for a new house:

  • A sofa – this is one of the best things to buy for a new house. A sofa is the basic piece of furniture you need to make your living room functional. Everything else can slowly follow.
  • A coffee table. Definitely one of the important things to buy for a new house. Again, you can get an inexpensive piece to get your space functioning without damaging your bank balance.
  • Somewhere to sit and eat. There is no point in getting a traditional dining table when you are living alone. If you prefer eating in front of the TV, invest in a sturdy coffee table. Alternatively, just get a couple of bar stools and line them up with your kitchen counter to use space efficiently.


Get those pots and pans out and don’t forget the plates and glasses

You need not stock your entire kitchen when buying things for a new house. Just start with the basic stuff. This is perhaps the best part about living alone – you don’t need too many kitchen supplies unless you’re regularly entertaining guests. Here’s what you need:

  • A stove/ oven
  • Basic pots and pans – you can’t order take out all the time.
  • Dishware, flatware, and glasses for 4. You can get them for 8 if you plan to host regular guests
  • Knives and cookware utensils
  • Baking supplies – if required
  • Coffee mugs
  • Dishwashing supplies
  • Dish towels

Countertop Appliances

  • Kettle. If you are a coffee fan and have a slightly higher budget, you could also pick up a coffee machine.
  • Toaster
  • Mixer

Just start out with these basics. You’ll have plenty of time to incorporate the latest kitchen design trends as you settle in. And don’t worry about the shortage of supplies when hosting a housewarming party. Just use disposable plates, glasses and flatware to save the hassle.


If you’re not opting for a furnished apartment in Dubai, keep a budget aside for the big stuff

This section is more relevant for people renting unfurnished apartments in Dubai. Among other things to buy for a new house, you also need to purchase the following appliances when living alone for the first time:

  • A freezer-refrigerator
  • A microwave oven
  • Gas or Electric stove
  • Washer and dryer for clothes

Most serviced rental apartments in Dubai provide these amenities to residents.


You can bring in all the necessities and set up a house that is functional, but if the comfort element is missing – there’s no point to any of it. Besides the things to buy for a new house, when living alone for the first time, you need to focus on converting the house into a home. In short, it should feel warm, comfortable and welcoming.

Here’s how you can do that:

Add personal touches to your living spaces to make them homely
  • Swap basic window blinds with curtains. They make your living spaces appear cosier and are a great way to add colour to your homes.
  • Get some throw pillows. Pillows are an inexpensive and sure shot way of adding comfort, style, colour, and texture to your room. Definitely one of the best things to buy for a new house.
  • Area rugs are great for anchoring different living spaces. They bring in warmth, are excellent for hiding ugly floors (if you’ve got any), and they brighten the space up!
  • Don’t skip wall art. Do a quick search on the latest wall art trends and show some love to those bare walls. Artwork brings personality to your rooms and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even simple photographs can do the trick.
  • Decorate your entryway. You may not be able to do right away, but whenever you get the time and budget for it – make sure it is decked to impress.
  • Always have more lighting. The pre-fitted light fixtures are never enough if you want a home that is well-lit and inviting. Add standing lamps, overhead lights, pendant lights, and table lamps – whatever works for you.
  • Invest in meaningful décor elements – vases, mirrors, trays, and other bits and bobs that are reflective of your personal style. If you love the bling, incorporate gold home décor in your home.

Those looking for additional comfort can bring in some throw blankets. Obviously, they’re not part of the essential things to buy for a new house, but they can definitely make those Netflix nights way comfier.


Seemingly unimportant, an extension wire could prove to be one of the best solution to all your socket problems

When making a list of the things to buy for a new house, a number of smaller items come in handy but are often neglected. These items include:

  • Extension cords. The never-ending need for electric sockets is real!
  • Cleaning supplies – dust rag, dustpan, broom, microfibre cleaning cloth, vacuum cleaners and cleaning brushes.
  • A basic first aid kit with bandages, medicines, antiseptic creams and other things.
  • A basic tool kit with a hand drill, screwdrivers, nails, screws and a hammer.
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