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Vastu-friendly properties in Dubai

 By Veronika Goncharova   Tue  09-08-2022

The term ‘Vastu’ translates to systems or knowledge in Sanskrit. Its principles apply to housing, land plots, architecture, and interior design. Ventilation, lighting, and cleanliness are prioritized and the home's center should be left open, perhaps with a tulsi plant. An emphasis

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Real Estate Rundown: June & July 2022

 By Veronika Goncharova   Wed  03-08-2022

July saw key milestones and legal developments in the Dubai real estate market. We have broken down the top real estate news stories down below. New Records According to data from the Dubai Land Department, a new record for transaction value was set. The

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Jumeirah freehold land and villas now available to Expats

 By Veronika Goncharova   Tue  26-07-2022

There has always been demand from expats to buy plots and villas in Jumeirah, the seaside views and proximity to downtown Dubai make it a pristine location. But until recently foreign ownership was strictly prohibited. The Al Wasl Land complex by MERAAS

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Summer Property Maintenance Guide

 By Veronika Goncharova   Tue  19-07-2022

Summer Property Maintenance Guide  Summer heat in Dubai is extreme, with July to August experiencing temperatures of 43 °C and above. This can be especially troubling for homeowners as property maintenance errors can lead to expensive repairs. Our in-house property management team has

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How to get a mortgage in Dubai

 By Veronika Goncharova   Wed  29-06-2022

There is a lot of confusion regarding how to obtain a mortgage in the Middle East. If you are self-employed or an expatriate there can be quite a few hurdles to pre-approval. But hopefully today we can provide you with a general

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Dubai Off Plan Property Guide

 By Veronika Goncharova   Tue  21-06-2022

1. Figure out your preferences Off-plan properties come with a lot of financial incentives, you are buying at the lowest possible price with attractive payment plans. Investors are free to sell prior to completion and will see a good return. The downside of buying off-plan is that you

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